BLOCKWISE RFL Powerfeed Self Expanding Stent Loader

BLOCKWISE RFL Powerfeed Self Expanding Stent Loader View Large Image

Model RFL PowerFeed ™ Stent Loading Machine is a tabletop machine that compresses self-expanding stents and loads them into a sheath. The compression station uses Zero-G™ technology with the compression force provided by a stepper motor mounted to the station. The machine is controlled by a PLC with LCD operator interface, which implements a closed-loop position (diameter) control using feedback from an encoder integrated into the actuator, and also commands the sequencing between up to 19 “steps”, which are stored in “recipes”. Each step may be specified as a diameter setting, a force setting, a cooling temperature setting, a loading speed setting, or a loading force setting. (Loading speed & force settings refer to the mandrel movement.)

The opening diameter and compression force are displayed by the PLC. A force transducer on the actuator is
used to compensate for compliance in the compression station, providing a more accurate control of the
actual opening diameter. Diameter calibration and compliance compensation are accomplished quickly by an
automated calibration routine.

Compression station includes the patent-pending Powerfeed™ technology in which the dies are actuated in
an axis parallel to the stent loading path is such a way to propel the stent through the compression

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